In this course, Sebi tries to build on the basics and foundations he has already learned, to deepen them and to further raise the dance level of the students.Musicality, emotions and technology also play a major role. Furthermore, a lot of work is done with choreography in order to apply what has been learned.

In the Pole Beginner course you will learn the techniques and tricks and you will be able to make your first basic figures on the pole. This includes, for example: sitting on the bar, climbing up, spins on the bar, maybe even the first figures above your head! The build-up of strength in the muscles …

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In the High Heels Intermediate course, the focus is on the choreographies for which a confident use of heels is a must. Further, more complex techniques are learned and among other things, connected to floor parts.

In this lesson you can expect a mixture of hip hop, dancehall, female and large, controlled, rhythmic movements. The highlight of the lesson is YOU and your performance. Forget the stress of everyday life and feel like you are on a big stage.