Schwierigkeitsgrad: Advanced

In this course, Sebi tries to build on the basics and foundations he has already learned, to deepen them and to further raise the dance level of the students.Musicality, emotions and technology also play a major role. Furthermore, a lot of work is done with choreography in order to apply what has been learned.

Pole Intermediate / Advanced with Robin means 15-20 min warm-up with conditioning for the muscle groups that we need at the pole. Then every time youlearn a new combination of tricks on the pole on spinning or static. Intermediate / Advanced means that you should be able to do an invert relatively safely in any …

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You have learned a few figures on pole and now you want to know how to start dancing with them? This course is about making flowing movements out of thefigures on the bar, finding your own flow so that you can move freely between the floor and the bar. We use contemporary techniques and improvisation …

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In the Pole Beginner course you will learn the techniques and tricks and you will be able to make your first basic figures on the pole. This includes, for example: sitting on the bar, climbing up, spins on the bar, maybe even the first figures above your head! The build-up of strength in the muscles …

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Sara-Rebecca’s modern dance course deals with lyrically and technically demanding choreographies. In your warm-up you will learn the necessary techniques as well as stretching and muscle building. Beginners are welcome! Because it is not only the height of your curved leg that counts, but also the length and energy.

Every beginning is difficult, but not with Hip Hop Juniors. Here you learn the combination of Hip Hop Basic steps and train your tact. The focus is on having fun when the kids learn varied choreos to the latest music.

In my Hip Hop Advanced course you will learn choreography. These are based on the basics of the Hop Hop culture but can also have different styles integrated.

In the High Heels Intermediate course, the focus is on the choreographies for which a confident use of heels is a must. Further, more complex techniques are learned and among other things, connected to floor parts.

Lisa attaches importance to an intensive warm-up, which often takes up half of the class time. All because you can achieve so much for yourself in this and learn more. The body is brought to its maximum performance and to its limits and thus gets the chance to develop further, in stretch as well as …

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