Terms and conditions

  1. One lesson is 60-90 minutes.
  2. The membership subscription is concluded for at least 6 months. The subscription is not transferable to other persons. 10- he cards are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase and are not transferable to other persons.
  3. A cancellation by the member or by the legal representative must be made in writing to D!’s Dance School GmbH at least 6 weeks before the end of the subscription period. The date of receipt at D!’s Dance School GmbH is decisive. The receipt of the notice of cancellation depends on the date of receipt in combination with the signature of a D!’s Dance School GmbH employee when delivered personally or by post on the date of the postmark.
  4. If the member or his/her legal representative does not terminate the subscription or does not terminate it in due time, the subscription shall be extended by 6 months. The right to terminate for good cause (e.g. medical certificate) remains unaffected.
  5. If the member culpably defaults on the payment of at least two monthly subscriptions, the subscriptions are due for payment immediately until the next possible end of subscription.
  6. In the event that D!’s Dance School GmbH is not able to debit the account, we will charge the respective return debit note fees of the bank to the customer, and for each non-recoverable contribution at least 10.00 Euro additional processing fees will be charged.
  7. In the case of cancellation of classes for reasons for which D!’s Dance School GmbH is not responsible, there is no claim for refund of fees.
  8. Lessons missed by the member can be made up within three months of the subscription period. No lessons can be made up beyond a cancellation date. Missed lessons cannot be transferred to a third party or invoiced.
  9. If the member is unable to attend the course due to illness or professional reasons, the subscription will be suspended as a gesture of goodwill. A medical certificate or a certificate from the employer is required for this. For the processing in the system D!’s Dance School GmbH charges a fee of 10,00 Euro.
  10. The timetable and the choice of teachers is the sole responsibility of D!’s Dance School GmbH.
  11. There are no classes on public holidays. During the other Berlin school holidays, the timetable may be shortened.
  12. Participation in lessons is at your own risk. Valuables and cloakroom items brought along are to be taken to the respective training room and supervised by yourself. D!’s Dance School GmbH is not liable for these objects in case of loss or damage. The use of the centre is subject to the posted house rules, which are part of this condition.
  13. We expressly reserve the right to increase prices. In the event of a price increase, the Member has the option to cancel the subscription extraordinarily at the end of the month. No price increases are possible within the first 6 months after subscription.
  14. The member is obliged to inform D!’s Dance School GmbH immediately in case of a move, the changed address, in case of direct debit also account changes. Costs arising from the noncompliance are to be borne by the member.
  15. There are no verbal collateral agreements. Changes and additions to the membership subscription must be made in writing. Any change to the written form must also be made in writing.
  16. Should any provision of these General Terms and Conditions be invalid, the validity of the remaining clauses shall not be affected.
  17. By taking part in the course, the member or the person with parental authority permits the use of photos and videos for advertising purposes.
  18. In accordance with the legal regulations of the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation (DSGVO), which came into force on 25 May 2018, D!’s Dance School GmbH draws attention to the fact that data required in the context of business development is processed and stored using computer equipment. Personal data will of course be treated confidentially in accordance with the new DSGVO. Under the following link you can find the EU data protection basic regulation (DSGVO): https://dsgvo-gesetz.de/