Soner Kacar

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With a constant thirst for knowledge, Soner moved through various dance styles and worked on himself from the perspective of a perfectionist. As a result, he acquired a lot of knowledge about the basics, designs, techniques and backgrounds of the dance styles addressed. His hearing is not only based on the musical experience of a dancer, but is complemented by the knowledge of a trained singer / musician, as he attended a stage school with a focus on singing before he started dancing. Discipline, an affinity for acrobatics and an understanding of movements have accompanied Soner since childhood. He started capoeira at the age of ten and lived the martial art for seven years. Today he feels particularly at home in the styles of Hip Hop, House, Contemporary and Waacking. As a professional dancer, the native of Berlin danced in a commercial setting on German TV, found himself on both small and large stages and choreographed small pieces in dance theater settings.

Classes with Soner Kacar

House Foundation All Level

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Time: Friday, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Coach: Soner Kacar