Dzana Corbic

Your Coach

Dzana started to dance jazz dance in a small dance school when she was 9 years old. From the age of 13 she danced in a partner school of the D!‘s Dance
School, where she learned her first steps and developed her love for dancing. In addition to school, Dzana attended as many dance lessons as possible and met her coach Yves, who also trained her to be a coach when she was 16. At this partner school she began to represent Yves`s courses and later Dzana took
them as a trainer. Since she was 21, she has been running the “JM-Bouncers”, a dance group at the Joan Miro primary school in Berlin.

Classes with Dzana Corbic

Hip Hop Juniors Beginner from 6 years on

Dance style: , ,

Skill level:

Time: Friday, 4:30 - 5:30pm

Coach: Dzana